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What if I don’t want to lead?

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Leadership roles are created, offered up and some have always been there – sneakily waiting for us. coque samsung s8 coque Samsung Galaxy S8 What happens if you are asked to lead or need to lead but just don’t want to? Some might explain the experience as like being handed a box of matches and • • • Read more

Giving Feedback A Chance

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“How can I get rid of someone as painlessly as possible from my team?” My initial internal reaction is ‘Ouch’, followed by an out loud question: “What seems to be the underlying problem here?” My client’s replies, depending on proximity of the question to the next full moon, vary: • They don’t listen • Everyone • • • Read more

E tū! Be counted, you are a leader!

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Thank you, I am a leader! Bold words, confidence perhaps confused with arrogance? Leadership is a term that many people struggle to use and to identify with. coque iphone X coque de samsung galaxy coque de telephone samsung s7 Why? Why is leadership such a ‘scary’ or ‘bold’ term to use? Derek Sivers TED Talk, • • • Read more