Executive Coaching

Are you the only one who can drive your business, navigate the boat, fly the plane? Every pilot needs a co-pilot, a plain speaking air-traffic controller or both. We see leadership as “the space that we give others to build their confidence” – how else can we nurture strong leaders to succeed us or our business? We will provide the sounding board and give you the air time, to develop and refine your skills as a leader, executive, business owner, or what ever you choose to call yourself.

How we will work with you:

  • Ask questions to better understand your fears, goals and aspirations
  • Focus and simplify your leadership challenges.
  • With the aim of achieving peace and building your confidence in leading others, meet with you face to face, by Skype or phone, in one on one, hour long, coaching sessions on a fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Help you commit to action or at a minimum give you the space to reflect on your current ‘flight path’.
  • Review and evaluate your progress.