2016…..33 + days done

Guest blog by: Kohe Ruwhiu, Co-Pilot Consultant with Goggles On!

You know what they say… new year, new you.

Well I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t just automatically become a whole other person just because the sun sets on the 31st of December and rises on the 1st of January.

January seems to bring around all this new found enthusiasm and energy, probably left over from that mental break from work, those beach holidays and the time spent out in the sun.

You feel invigorated right?! Energised?! Like you can take action?! Yes! So you sit down and make all these New Years resolutions like “I will quit sugar”, “This year, I will be fit” and “In 2016 I will achieve a better work-life balance”.

Week one: you are killing it.  You haven’t eaten chocolate for a whole SEVEN days and you have been to the gym every morning (except Sunday which is a national day of rest). Go you!

Week two: it’s going great until you hit Wednesday, are run flat off your feet and you don’t get time to make lunch for the next day.  Result: the pulled pork burger and snickers thickshake at the Federal Store….  oh boy do they look good! One time won’t hurt right?

As January turns into February, that enthusiasm dwindles and although you still have the best intentions, other things take priority over your new year’s resolutions.

The response: oh well I’ll try again next year.  But if you step back and take a look at those goals, how do you perceive them? Why are you wanting to achieve them? Do you have an actual connection to your resolution? Or are you making resolutions because that’s what has always been done? The new year period for me is a time to reflect, to take stock.  It’s a time where life actually pauses for a while, the daily pressures decrease and allow you more space to think.

So instead of viewing it as ‘New Year, new me’, take some time to evaluate your current state as a cleansing process.

What things do you need to let go of or purge from your kete? Are you holding onto things that are inhibiting your growth? Do you need to forgive others? Do you need to change your mindset or your thinking? Or maybe you need to fossock for more taonga to add to your kete.

What skills do you need to backfill? What do you need to do to help you contribute best in all areas of your life: to your whanau, to your community, to your mahi and to your friends? Then the final question is: how much do you want this? The only thing that stands between you, and a full, vibrant and healthy kete, is yourself.

So what are you going to do about it? Will it be new year, new me (for two months) or a sustained commitment to developing yourself to be the best person you can be? The answer to that question….

Well that’s up to you.